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Hey, so you’re probably looking for ways to get your lawn weed free and green. You’ve came to the right spot.

Fertilization Services

If you desire a green and weed-free yard, give us a call. We can design a custom lawn treatment program that will ensure a healthy, green lawn all season long.

Weed control. Our specially formatted equipment allows us to apply targeted weed control to the areas of your lawn that need it most, without harming healthy areas of grass. Once your weeds are gone, we use pre-emergent herbicides to keep them at bay for good, including Crabgrass, Thistle and Quack grass.

We offer a 6-step lawn Treatments

1st Step- Granular fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent. This will enhance your lawn’s appearance and prevent that pesky crabgrass!

2nd Step- on our second visit we will apply another application of granular fertilizer and prepare your lawn for the summer stress/heat.

3rd Step- we apply granular fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen. Check for grubs/insects, and spot spray broadleaf weeds. 

4th Step- we apply granular fertilizer with higher iron and micronutrients to improve the thickness of your lawn.

5th step- we apply a granular fertilizer to help recover lawn from the summer heat/stress.

6th Step- we apply fertilizer with enhanced nutrients helping your lawn out with preparing for winter. Spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

 By removing plugs of grass and soil from your lawn, we’re able to ensure your grass roots get more oxygen water and nutrients, creating a thicker, healthier lawn for you to enjoy.

Lawn application/ weed control: Welcome
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